Overview of our competencies


  • weak point analysis
  • cost reduction
  • benchmark

development and design

  • technical specification
  • calculation
  • design
  • FEA


  • freedom in brainstorming
  • development of concepts
  • creative solution approaches

Prototyping and test

  • prototyping
  • labtest
  • measurement
  • vibration analysis

Development and Design

We develop

  • bevel gearboxes, spur gearboxes, shift transmissions
  • planatary gearboxes, transfer cases, special drives
  • shifting clutches
  • brakes
  • powersplit transmissions
  • drive axles
  • entire drive systems including open-/closed-loop control

For the following applications

  • agricultural machines
  • construction machines
  • floor conveyor technology
  • municipal technology
  • utility vehicles
  • forestry machinery
  • industrial installations
  • special machines

Our aim: successful drives for your products


Our drive systems are designed to the strength requirements that are specified by relevant guidelines and standards. We use FE analysis software to examine components and assemblies and to detect potentially weak points at an early stage.

By computing and verifying the strength of a component to the FKM Guideline we can provide an assessment of the loaded components as to their compliance with the relevant safety requirements.

Using professional calculating programs, we can look at and optimise individual components and even entire drive trains as integrated systems.


Developments need more than just drawings and plans. Our engineers aim for the finished product: we are not just designers and engineers – we implement the development, from prototype to field application through to the final evaluation.

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test benches

Even the best simulation software cannot replace a test that is carried out in field conditions. Therefore, we do static and dynamic tests on our bespoke test benches, applying our own in-house-developed software which we can customise to individual requirements.

field testing

Carrying out measurements as the machine is working in the field or operating at the customer’s premises provides valid information on the actual load and helps us generate load spectra for the following lab tests or for calculate the strength of the relevant parts.

Mechatronic systems

The introduction of controllable drive systems is a highly topical issue in the age of “Industry 4.0” and presents new challenges to the systems and adds to the level of complexity.

Therefore, we offer besides the development of powershift transmissions also the sensors, actuators and gearbox controllers complete with the customised software that blends in with the next higher-level control software. Furthermore, we use sensors and actuators that are provided by the customers and integrate them in the system.

Assembly of mechatronic units

  • We provide support for assembly line production
  • We engineer EoL test benches
  • We provide mechatronic assemblies

Power split

Owing to their low energy consumption and above-average efficiency, transmissions with power split are a sustainable investment for you.


The development of continuously variable transmissions (CVT) requires innovation and experience. The team of specialists at Antriebstechnik-Roth GmbH, consisting of several generations of engineers, offers you this know-how. Driven by the spirit of innovation of our young staff and the valuable wealth of experience of our experienced engineers, the developments by ROTH in the field of CVT transmissions represent unique solutions.

CVT technology

Transmissions with power split offer an enormous development potential and ROTH accepts this exciting challenge with enthusiasm. The continuous variability and high efficiency of CVT technology makes it ideal for agricultural applications. We design and calculate on the basis of your individual requirements according to revolutions, outside dimensions, weight and shape. CVT technology is used in agricultural and construction machinery and in industrial drives.