Overview of our competence





  • weak point analysis
  • Cost reduction
  • Benchmark

design and development

  • eng. specification
  • technical calculation
  • 3D-design
  • FEA


  • freedom in brainstorming
  • Development of concepts
    CreativE Solutions
    Powertrain Synergies

Prototyp and test

  • Prototyping
  • labtest
  • fieldtesting
  • Torque Measurement

Engineering and developement

Kontruktion & Entwicklung

Engineering and development

The world of drives is our profession: We develop different kind of gearboxes: Bevel -, spur -, planetary -,  special -, shifting clutches, brakes, powersplit transmissions and entire drive systems for use with mobile machines, such as agricultural and construction machines and for industrial and stationary applications.

Our aim: successful drives for your products.

Layout and calculation

Together with you, our customer, we establish your requirements, objectives and needs. We listen carefully to you and respond to your individual ideas, irrespective of suppliers and production processes.

We help you to establish the performance specification and technical details –  a prerequisite for a successful and sure-footed development process and a reliable drive.
We proactively establish application-specific details for agricultural and construction machines and directly include these in the engineering for your solution.  

Prototype construction

Developments need more than just drawings and plans.
Our engineers aim for the finished product: we are not just designers and engineers – we implement the development, from prototype to field application through to the final evaluation. 


Everything from one supplier

From the blank sheet through to production:

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Calculation
  • Pattern
  • Appraisal
  • Production transfer
  • Service

Reducing costs

Owing to its simultaneous working method, the development times of ROTH GmbH are very short and drives are developed comprehensively.

You can then transfer the prototype to your own production or a supplier of your choice. You are the owner of the development and of all documents. Therefore, when you need large quantities, you can place contracts for your product with more than one supplier.

Prototypenbau und Test

Test rigs



LeerlaufprüfstandQuasi-statischer Prüfstand

inclination: max. 45°
power: 12 kW
speed: max. 3,500 rpm

torque: max. 10 kNm
speed: min. 0.5 rpm





power: 1 x 54/100 kW
power: 2 x 44/80 kW
power: 3 x 265 kW
speed: max. 6,000 min-1
testing area: 12 x 4,5 m


  • torque hubs: 50 – 8,000 Nm
  • force transducer: max. 20 kN
  • telemetry system for strain gauges on rotating shafts

Power split

Owing to their low energy consumption and above-average efficiency, transmissions with power split are a sustainable investment for you.


Expert know-how

The development of continuously variable transmissions (CVT) requires innovation and experience. The specialist teams at A. ROTH GmbH consist of several generations of engineers and offer you this know-how. Driven by the spirit of innovation of our young staff and the valuable wealth of experience of our experienced engineers, the developments by A. ROTH GmbH in the field of CVT transmissions represent unique solutions.

CVT technology

Transmissions with power split offer an enormous development potential and A. ROTH GmbH enthusiastically accepts this exciting challenge. The continuous variability and high efficiency of CVT technology makes it ideal for applications in agricultural applications .We design and calculate on the basis of your individual requirements with respect to revolutions, outside dimensions, weight and shape. CVT technology is used in agricultural and construction machinery and in industrial drives.